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New Construction Loans

Fast, Flexible, Competitive Hard Money Loans For New Jersey Real Estate Investors

New Construction Loans in NJ | Heartland Equity Funding

New Construction Loans

Are you an experienced New Jersey builder looking for a quick, easy construction loan to fund your next construction project? Heartland Equity Funding provides construction loans for permit-ready single- and multi-property NJ residential construction projects.

Flexible Financing for New Home Builders in NJ

Hard money loans are perfect for builders who are building a new home, purchasing a lot for new construction, or tearing down an existing home to build a new one. New construction investors and builders maximize their profit margins with hard money loans, because fast, reliable financing is what drives success in New Jersey's competitive real estate market.

Traditional real estate loans are designed for owners making a long-term investment. If you are a New Jersey investor or builder, however, hard money new construction loans are designed for you.

Fast, Easy Approvals

Time is money, and we will work hard to close your New Jersey new construction loan quickly and easily. Hard money loans for new construction projects can usually be funded in about a week, compared to 30+ days from traditional lenders.


Hard money construction loans for New Jersey builders can provide flexible repayment and collateral release terms, while traditional lenders use one-size-fits-all loan structures.


Since Heartland Equity Funding is a private lender, we have the freedom to consider more than a generic checklist when determining if you qualify for a loan.

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